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Some national awards for UVM media

November 9, 2014
CMA awards

UVM media students came out for the awards. From left: photographer Erin Lucey of The Vermont Cynic, media adviser Chris Evans, WRUV DJ Emily Peters and Cynic sports editor Stu Laperle.

This past weekend, I received College Media Association’s 2014 award for Distinguished Multimedia Adviser at a four-year school. I’d like to thank CMA and the awards committee for thinking me worthy, the Vermont Cynic Editor-in-Chief Natalie Williams for nominating me and the Cynic staff for being really too nice in their congratulations.

It’s been a great honor advising UVM student media for the past eight-plus years, and I look forward to many more.


As they often do, the Cynic staff took home more than their share of award from the Best of Show competition at the national college media convention, sponsored by CMA and Associated College Press and convened this year in Philadelphia. This time, they placed in categories for four-year weekly tabloid newspaper, special edition and multimedia package.

As always, congratulations to them!

The finale: Student Media Poster 10 of 10

September 18, 2014

The final poster in the series! Look for this shot and all of the others around the UVM campus. To see the whole collage, journey to the Davis Center tunnel, where the Student Media display has them all.

YOUR VOICE Goldie final

The Student Media Poster Show, Episode 9.

September 12, 2014

Here’s tech guru Dave Landay, sitting in the UVMtv editing suite, his home away from home.

YOUR VOICE Dave final

Hip Hop. Rap. Def Poster 8.

September 10, 2014

About half of the DJs at WRUV are non-students: often professional DJs who play in the local community as well as folks who dedicate 100 percent of their DJ talent to WRUV, just another part of WRUV that makes it unique in Northern Vermont.

So here is Melo Grant, a non-student DJ who’s been with us since 1984.

 YOUR VOICE Melo final

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time for Student Media Poster 7

September 9, 2014

Just three to go!!!

YOUR VOICE Miranda final

Posterriffic Poster-thon Poster 6 of 10: Back to the DJ Booth

September 8, 2014

. . . in which DJ Derelicte lets us know that DJing at WRUV gets you involved not only at UVM but with the wide-ranging Burlington community.

YOUR VOICE Derek final

Your 5th Daily Dose of Student Media PosterTime

September 5, 2014

The end of workweek #1 takes us into the business office of The Vermont Cynic, where advertising manager Taylor Kammerer waxes wise about Forrest Gump.

YOUR VOICE Taylor final


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