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Lucy Rock: WRUV was my favorite part of the week

May 14, 2020

Lucy Rock

By Lucy Rock, WRUV

Walking into the WRUV station before my show was my favorite part of the week. No matter what I was working on that day, I was walking into a space where I could put on my own music and give it whatever context I wanted to.

I used my show to tell babysitting stories, promote my friend’s bands, and play tracks that could change my mood in seconds. I wanted to be able to share songs that made me listen to music differently and play music that made the traffic on Main Street easier to sit through. I loved the odd callers I would answer the station phone to and the music I was only able to discover because it was sent to the station by lesser-known artists.

WRUV is filled with a variety of students and community members who all have different worlds of music and are excited to share them. I loved being a part of this group, and having a show made me appreciate the music I listen to in a new way.

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