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Erin Richmond: ArtsRiot, concerts, DJs, friends & other WRUV adventures

May 14, 2020

Erin Richmond

By Erin Richmond, WRUV

One of my favorite moments with the station was interviewing Ron Gallo with my friend and co-DJ Taylor in November 2018 before he played a show at ArtsRiot that night. It was my first on-air interview, but he was so kind and responsive that it wasn’t nerve-racking at all. At his show that night, he brought me and Taylor and some others on stage and gifted us birthday cake (?) – it was such a wacky and wonderful thing, and definitely one of my favorite moments from my time at UVM.

Another favorite memory is from April 2019, when Taylor and I tabled for WRUV at a Broncho show at ArtsRiot. While we were dancing to the house music in between sets, I had accidentally punched the lead singer Ryan Lindsey in the chest (he was very nice about it) and the crowd later had to evacuate the building because the band’s fog machines created so much excess moisture that the fire alarms went off. It took a minute for the fire department to come and turn off the alarms, but the crowd that remained after the fiasco grooved all night long and made it worth the wait.

WRUV has introduced me to the coolest people, the coolest shows, and most importantly, the coolest music. Starting at the station my first semester of freshman year, I was so psyched to have a space to enjoy and expand upon one of my biggest passions and interests. There was no better compliment than someone poking their head into the station to say they liked the song I was playing, or have someone call in and ask what tune was currently playing because they couldn’t wait till when I announced it on-air.

I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this station, and doing so will be one of my fondest memories from UVM.

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