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Emily Connolly: WRUV helped me push my own boundaries & connect with a community

May 13, 2020

image0By Emily Connolly, WRUV

During my time at UVM, I had the pleasure of hosting “The Ghoul Kids Club”, which was a talk show that aired Friday afternoons before moving to various weeknights at 8 p.m. Our discussions ranged from the paranormal, to strange stories, to hobbies, and to the experiences of people in the UVM and greater Burlington community. I loved every minute of it and will miss the calls and chat messages and fun times we had on the air.

WRUV gave me a space and time that was my own, and it really helped me push my own boundaries and connect with a phenomenal community of like-minded DJs with the raddest tunes and a deep love for the station.

One of my fondest memories will always be our Fall Pledge Drive Radiothon, which featured 10 uninterrupted hours of music, interviews, and live WRUV DJs celebrating our station; it was a moment that I felt some of my deepest appreciation for our DJ and listener community.

I will always be inspired by WRUV—even my thesis was radio-related!! I hope to drop on back in the booth whenever I’m in the area, but until then, I’ll keep that dial locked on our better alternative 🙂


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