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Brandon Arcari: Walking into The Vermont Cynic newsroom on the first day of classes changed my life

May 13, 2020


By Brandon Arcari, The Vermont Cynic

The Cynic was a really instrumental part of my college career. I remember it being the one thing that I was looking for the most during the club fair my first year, and being completely unable to find the table. Instead, I simply wound up knocking on the door and wandering in during the first day of classes.

I had been the news editor at my high school paper, and knew I wanted to continue working in journalism at UVM. Several hours later, I realized I’d missed dinner plans with my roommate, and wound up going to Brennans for the first time with several new friends, all at least a year ahead of me, who cared enough to watch over this nervous first-year with no idea what he was doing. With them, I formed friendships that have lasted me through my college experience, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the Cynic for facilitating that.

Looking back on it, I’m proud of what I accomplished during my time at the Cynic, and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the future. As a Cynic alum, I also have to thank everyone involved during my time at the Cynic, from the editors-in-chief I’ve worked under, to the exec board that I worked with when I served as news editor, (and that one time I stood in for the news editor on deadline my first year) to the writers, photographers, illustrators, page designers, copy staff and ad reps. Every one of them helped me to get where I am now, and I’ll never be able to thank every single person involved enough.

I appreciate every single person who welcomed me into their section, and especially those who went before and taught me, so that I could help others. Thank you all.


Brandon Arcari, far left, and the rest of The Vermont Cynic executive board in August 2018.

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