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INTERNSHIP AUGUST Spotlight Post #2: Mixing music, business & the business of music

August 6, 2014

As UVM media students wrap up internships this month, we’re featuring several to showcase how students find their internships, what they do once in the workplace, and what they’ve learned. Today’s post comes from Cam Kostyra, the business director at UVM’s radio station, WRUV-FM.


  • The position: Business Development Intern
  • The company: Reservoir Media Management, a music publishing company
  • The place: West Village in New York City
Cam Kostyra

Cam Kostyra

I first applied to Reservoir when I was abroad in Florence, Italy, which is where I received the email from them about applying for an internship.  It was through a Listserv that I was on that had music internship applications from publishing companies, record labels, management companies, etc.

Reservoir Media is a music publishing company, and that sounded like something I wanted to learn more about.  Music is something that I have always been passionate about whether it be listening to it or playing it, and the possibility of working in the music industry is something I had my sights set on.

With my credentials being a business major with a concentration in finance and not having any music business background, I applied for the Business Development Intern position.  I was so psyched when I got an offer to intern there because I was finally able to get my foot in the door and possibly see if such an experience could turn into a career.

I was nervous going into it because, since I wasn’t a music business student, I was not familiar with music publishing, syncs, copyrights, etc.  However I was eager to learn, and I used my prior knowledge and what I learned in my classes to make the best out of this situation.

I didn’t want to leave this internship empty-handed because to me there was a lot I wanted to get out of it.  I worked with the Financial Associate, who was a great mentor, teaching me about the copyrights of songs, looking at the industry as a whole and just giving me insight on his personal views, which was what I really needed to hear.

One of the employees there was Faith Newman, who I was intimidated by because she was responsible for signing Nas to Columbia Records, which is a historical moment in hip-hop.

The presence of the office was laid back and exciting at the same time due to the possible deals that were to happen and the representatives of artists that came through.  While interning at Reservoir, I was on the grind, going five days a week commuting into New York City from where I live, right outside of the city in Westchester County.

The internship was unpaid, but I knew that such sacrifices might be necessary. Overall, I learned a lot at the internship about music publishing, the music industry, finance and the next steps for myself in the future.



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