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The Vermont Cynic makes the Princeton Review list of top-20 college newspapers

August 5, 2014
The College Media Matters blog today featured the list of winners.

The College Media Matters blog today featured the list of winners.

The Princeton Review has just released the list of the country’s 20 best college newspapers.

You should go ahead and scroll down to Number 18.

For there is The Vermont Cynic, right between the Boston College newspaper, The Heights, and Dartmouth College’s The Dartmouth.

“There are actual tears coming down my face,” Managing Editor Taylor Feuss said upon hearing about the ranking. “We’ve worked so hard just to be great for our own standards, but to be recognized by The Princeton Review as one of the best in the country is something I could only dream of.

“It’s really such an honor.”

Editor-in-Chief Natalie Williams added, “It’s incredible. I’ve seen the paper go through so many transformations in my past three years on staff. It’s so cool to see the constant improvements.

“I am most proud of the staff because we have no journalism program. These are self-motivated students learning on their own,  teaching their peers and doing it really well. How often do you find that at any school?”

Newspapers on the list are a mix of dailies, like The Daily Tar Heel of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and weeklies, like The Cynic.

The Yale Daily News tops the list, reclaiming the spot that it last held in 2010, according to the College Media Matters blog.

The Cynic has been racking up honors in the past few years, including a 2011 Newspaper Pacemaker Award, the student press equivalent of the Pulitzer Prizes, followed by a 2012 Online Pacemaker Award.

NOTE:Accessing the full list of newspapers on the Princeton Review website requires visitors to create a Princeton Review account. The same list, with commentary from college media analyst Dan Reimold, can be found on his blog, no login required.


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