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The Vermont Cynic video team starts strong

September 10, 2013

Shortly after The Vermont Cynic won the nation’s top award for college media website last year, the organization’s photo editor, Natalie Williams, decided she wanted to step up the newspaper’s online game.

Phase 1: Create the position of multimedia editor, which would incorporate elements of photo, audio and video into Phase 2: Produce some supremely dench videos.

Done. And. Done.

Cynic Multimedia produced some fine work last year and came out shooting (video) this year, releasing their first nugget of the year Monday.

Williams, now the news organization’s multimedia editor, says the best is yet to come.

“Every week Cynic Video releases at least one video with news about UVM campus, Burlington or student life,” she said yesterday by email. “Half of our content corresponds with the print edition of the paper, and half is web exclusive and thought of by the video team.”

This year, she has more students than ever working the cameras—and microphones and editing bays—but says, “We are always looking for new additions to our staff!”

While it helps to have experience, Williams says that her team is ready to train anyone.

To get involved, stop by The Vermont Cynic office, on the ground floor of the Davis Center,  at 2:30 p.m. any Thursday. Or email Williams at

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