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Vermont Cynic managing editor: the latest USA Today collegiate correspondent

June 22, 2013

300-KarambelasVermont Cynic Managing Editor Devin Karambelas this summer continues the UVM paper’s tradition of signing on as a USA Today collegiate correspondent.

In the job, Karambelas writes national news stories for a college audience with the country’s highest-circulation paper. She is the third Cynic editor in as many years to land the job.

“Writing for USA TODAY has been an incredible experience,” Karambelas wrote in an email. “Interestingly enough, a few of my stories have made it to the main site in the Tech section (which surprises me because I’m really not that technologically savvy a person). The program affords students the freedom to pretty much write about anything of interest to them, which generally means it will be of interest to college students in general, too.”

As part of the program, Karambelas receives weekly feedback from USA Today editors and belongs to a Facebook group as a way to to stay in touch and “nerd out over the news with fellow journalism junkies,” she wrote:

I would say my favorite story so far was actually one that I co-wrote with fellow correspondent David Schick as a bonus story one week (usually we’re only expected to write one story per week). I reached out to him after the Justice Dept. seized the Associated Press’ phone records to see if we could work out a story from the collegiate angle. My limited knowledge of the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) told me that some college students at campus media organizations have to deal with this kind of pressure and abuse almost daily from their school’s administrations or police departments, and we wanted to bring those stories to light. It called for a lot of research but I think the end result was timely, meaningful and well-written.

My most recent story, “Craft brewing renaissance hits college campuses,” was a close second and inspired by living in Vermont where beer culture is thriving. I walked away with a lot of new knowledge on the micro brewing industry.

Karambelas serves as the Cynic’s managing editor until December 2013.


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