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WRUV’s 2013 Madness Ends

April 7, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 8.06.50 AMIn a radio battle that dwarfed all others, at 3 a.m. today WRUV-FM narrowly lost to Carnegie Mellon radio station WRCT-FM in the Sweet 16 round of Soundtap Madness, an annual listenership contest sponsored by

WRCT accumulated more than 1,618 cumulative hours of online listening in the 48 hours of April 5 and 6. WRUV accumulated 8 fewer. Last year, WRUV faced WRCT in the final competition to win the entire tournament, with each team logging more than 3,600 hours in the final round. 2012 was the first year of Soundtap Madness and WRUV its first champion.

This year, each team put up numbers greater than any other station in the Sweet 16, with the next highest tally coming from KTRU-FM of Rice University, which logged 449 hours to win its competition. Many stations managed fewer than 100 hours.

“We lost,” wrote WRUV DJ Konkreet, who posted a message to the WRUV DJ listserv just before 5 a.m. “All of those who helped we couldn’t have got that far without you, so big ups.

“Not to sound like the cliche coach here but we are all winners here, you guys didn’t give up and we had a good fight.”

Across the two days of that fight, each team at some time led by 60 to 100 hours. As last year, WRUV pulled ahead during the day, only to have WRCT catch up and, this year, surpass WRUV during the night.

The final Soundtap Madness round takes place April 5 and 6. Were I a betting blogger, I’d bet serious money on seeing a Rice-Carnegie Mellon matchup.

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