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The Celebrated UVM J-Blog

April 5, 2013

Are we the best journalism blog in the country? Um, no way.

We’re looking at you, Jim.

But are we among the top 40? Maybe one in a baker’s dozen to make a difference?

Some would say yes.

In what could only be considered a huge affirmation of our work or two huge typos caused by deadline-driven delirium in those who rank journalism blogs, The UVM J-Blog has found its way onto not one but two Best Of lists in the past year. Below, see what the rankers are saying.

As a rankee, we blush and say thank you.

100 Best Sites for Journalists

This site, maintained by Sean Flynn, byline-getter in such notable publications as Condé Nast Traveler and The New York Times, praises us for helping students “to learn leadership skills as well as responsible journalism, allowing students to advance their knowledge and their ensuing careers.”

Well, we do try.

journalismdegreeorg ranking snap

Open Education Database

The 40 Best Blogs for Journalism Students

The “OEDb” reports that it “contains reviews of 1,088 programs from 76 accredited online colleges.” The big selling point here is that all of the schools are accredited, according the site’s landing page.

The site’s authors go on: “Because journalism as a whole constantly ebbs and flows along with the currents of new technologies, students hoping to graduate and enter into the industry need to understand how its myriad facets change over time.”

And then the gushing praise: “For insight into what other journalism students are studying, learning, and doing, head over to this excellent read from a school that surprisingly doesn’t even host such a major!”

Yes. With an exclamation point!

Once again, kind rankers, we thank you for your words, and we await your published correction.


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