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Cynic online leader reacts to Pacemaker win

November 8, 2012

Former Online Editor Colleen McClintock

When The Vermont Cynic won the online Pacemaker last weekend, it meant that had been recognized as one of the best college news websites in the country.

Former online editor Colleen McClintock, the student who oversaw the site from January to May, was recognized by many Cynic leaders as the creative force behind the website.

Here’s what Colleen had to say:

When I heard about our win I was actually sitting at home on my day off.

My phone started buzzing out of control with texts from all of the Cynic people who were there in Chicago, and I couldn’t help but laugh because I just pictured them all sitting in their chairs at the ceremony texting furiously to express the things that they couldn’t yell out loud about.

From my side I have to say vindication is seriously sweet. I stood up on that podium during elections a year ago and promised my people a Pacemaker — and some 12 months later we have one!

It’s absolutely phenomenal and not one bit my own. It belongs to everyone at the Cynic who helped both professionally and emotionally because, let’s be honest, journalism is rarely a walk in the park and always a team effort.

It just so happens we had the best team and I couldn’t feel luckier to have been a part of it. It makes me feel readier than ever  to start my post-grad journey, knowing full well that I got the most I could have out of my years at UVM.

In other news, UVM communications gave prominent play to the Pacemaker win, which was nice.

UVM gives The Cynic some Pacemaker love

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