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New course for Spring 2012: Advanced Media Interactive (Capstone)

November 14, 2011

UVM will be offering a brand new course in Spring 2012—Advanced Media Interactive—in which students take on the role of investigative reporters to produce in-depth stories for multimedia news organizations, producing in newspaper, TV and online formats. 

This will be a fast-paced, real-world style course  that focuses on:

  • Investigative reporting skills
  • Advanced news writing skills
  • Video camerawork and editing
  • On-camera presence for TV news

For students in CDAE’s Public Communication program, this course can serve as a CAPSTONE course, intended to capitalize on skills learned in other courses in the PCOM major.

For information and overrides, contact instructor Chris Evans at


Students who excel in this course will have the chance to compete for a six-week intensive TV reporting/anchoring internship at Lyndon State College in Summer 2012. Students who take this summer course will receive six UVM credits at a cost of roughly $6,000.

This competitive summer workshop will teach aspiring broadcast journalists every aspect of TV news, from reporting to production to anchoring, and produce a demo tape professional enough to apply for TV news jobs and internships across the country. Students in this workshop will become part of an award-winning, daily newscast, produced entirely by students.

This summer intensive workshop will be offered for the first time in Summer 2012. For details, contact Chris Evans at

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