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Student video: Fight for Planned Parenthood

April 27, 2011

An amazing video by Bobby Bruderle, late of The Vermont Cynic.

Bruderle tells about his experience making the video:

I made the video when a friend of mine, who is a Planned Parenthood employee and activist, approached me about producing something to help with Planned Parenthood’s fight to maintain their funding.  Originally we discussed doing still photos that could be put into a slideshow, because the consensus was that whatever it was we did, it had to be put on youtube for viral purposes.  As a photographer, I take issue with youtube slideshows for a number of reasons (resolution, etc.) so I decided to write a video treatment instead.

I made storyboards and met with Naani (my friend) on a Tuesday night, and we decided to shoot on Thursday.  A tight schedule to be sure, but there was a big time crunch because some critical legislation was going to be passed the following week.  Using some of my equipment and borrowed lights I was able to get everything we needed in time.  Naani was in charge of bringing the models (who were just fellow activists).  One of their meetings was going on in tandem with us setting up, so we had a good sized group to choose talent from.  Once the meeting was over, we were able to shoot with almost no problems.

It was critical that we kept a very serious mood while we were shooting, and cleared the room before each take of any non-crew to ensure total concentration on behalf of the talent.  Each model was instructed to display their rage, as if they were looking at the people responsible for the cut in funding.  Most of the girls were a bit uncomfortable with doing this, but were able to come around with a little coaching.

Pete Donaghy, a UVM film major, did the fine tuning on the edit (in addition to helping on the shoot) and we were able to get the video up on Sunday night.  The video received around 1000 hits in the first day it was online.  Hard to know if it made a difference, but the the funding ended up not being cut.


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