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A Student’s Design Portfolio: Casey Manning

January 8, 2010

For those of you looking to package your work in layout and design for potential employers, I’d like to point you to the veryfine work of UVM sophomore Casey Manning, who has put together an online portfolio of her work called “Pretty | Young | Things.”

Pretty | Young | Things

Casey posted her portfolio via the free online blog site Blogger, a cousin-cum-competitor to WordPress, which hosts the UVM J-Blog and Connor Boals’ excellent multimedia portfolio, which I blogged about last month.

To feature her impressive design work, Casey uses the free software platform issuu. Now, I have my own issues with issuu, which is better than it used to be but remains so janky in terms of document navigation that that I can’t recommend it for students looking to feature their writing amidst a layout; however, it’s excellent for featuring the layouts themselves. And it’s even better for those of you who choose to view it only as part of the Blogger page rather than in the “full-screen” version.

Casey said issuu is a better choice—for her, anyway—than using individual PDFs, which many bloggers use.

“I did go into it originally thinking I would just upload pdfs of individual designs to the blog as I made them throughout the year,” she said. “This proved ineffective A. because I never kept up with it and B. because the volume of work that would be displayed would take too long to scroll through.

“Issuu’s been relatively easy to navigate (once I got formatting issues worked out) and the embedding process through Blogger is a snap. And of course, the packaging lends itself to an organized, much more concise design.”

About that she’s certainly right:  the packaging is great. It doesn’t hurt that Casey, layout editor for The Vermont Cynic, displays such skill in print design.

Anyone looking to feature design work for potential employers should scroll through her portfolio. And, of course, if you know of other, equally fine online portfolios, please let me know!


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