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China loves the falseness during the Olympics

August 12, 2008

Heard great stuff on BBC this morning about my second-favorite (because it’s the second-best country for audacious news) (plus I spent a couple of years there as a Peace Corps volunteer, so I’m biased) country: fraud in the Olympics. In China.

BBC reports that the so-called fireworks footprints walking in the sky from Tiananmen Square to Birds Nest Stadium were purely false. (Lovely) But even better is the story about the dahling 7-year-old who sang in the opening ceremonies who didn’t actually sing but was merely attractive enough to be on TV. The actual singer was kept backstage so the prettygirl could mime the words in time. (The best moment for me, in the BBC audio report, was hearing the China Olympics flak defend the action, saying: Clearly you know nothing about live performance! Have you never been to a Michael Jackson or Britney Spears concert. It’s not as though they sing all of their own lyrics!” Right. Neither did Milli Vanilli.)

China is fun . . . in as much as a repressive non-dictatorship “democracy” can be fun.

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