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Community Radio Rolls

April 25, 2008

After six weeks of graveyard (4 a.m. to 6 a.m.) training, I had my first daytime show today. Sooooooo much different, and not just because of the sunlight.

Having people stop in to chat while I was on air was fun but also a challenge in that I had to think constantly about how many seconds (32, 31, 30 . . .) were on CD 1 and whether I was prepped to go on CD 2 while I talked with them. In three hours I got a half-dozen calls: not a lot, I suppose, but I was surprised at how chatty people were! I got great requests, found out from one caller the REAL name of Howlin’ Wolf and introduced one listener–who wanted to know the name of “that one singer who sounded Middle Eastern” in the middle of a semi-long Middle-East set–to the glories of

The last caller–listening to 80s pop that I was arguing had roots in traditional blues–freaking HATED what I was playing. His comment—”This music sucks”—was followed by silence. Only later did I realize that the DJ who followed me specialized in scary (to my ears) howling metal and, quite probably, my caller should have waited a few more minutes to tune in. (Now I’m understanding, too, why my response—”Hey, sorry about the pop, but we’ve got some more great blues on in about another 60 seconds.”—was met only with more stony silence.) But so great: the wonderful VARIETY of community-based radio!

Five good comments; one hateful call. And you KNOW that I spent too much time focusing on the last call. But what fun work, anyway. Who knew that people–other than myself and the people I know–still listened to college radio???

Happy day. Keep it locked to 90.1 WRUV-FM Burlington.

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