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Girls With Low Self-Esteem (Spring Break 08)

March 18, 2008

Hey there – web page readers. This feels like the first time I’ve sat down in days. There is so much going on here that you are alway running from place to place. Its really overwhelming, but in a wonderful way.

I write this post with my belly full of cheap tex mex in the kitchen of a beautiful house full of really great folks who were kind enough to take us all in for this week of absolute mayhem. Austin seems like an awesome place, I think I would really enjoy coming back here when SXSW was not going on. Don’t let people scare you with talk of Texas, things may be bigger but these folks sure understand hospitality. You don’t even need to ask directions, just roll up to a street corner looking confused and some one will offer you assistance. Everyone keeps asking where we are from and the looks on their faces when we tell them we drove from Vermont are priceless.

Mundane as it is to talk about the weather, it is gorgeous down here. I don’t know if I ever really want to make the journey home to VT. We left the northeast with threats of ‘wintry mix’ that quickly came true in NY/PA/WV, saw endless brown landscapes and finally hit the south where things were GREEN and GROWING! We drove into TX in the dark and I’m interested to see what the state looks like when I can see more than distant lights, fast food chains, and box stores.

As for the music (which is probably what you are all reading this for) – it is amazing. I can’t begin to describe the fun I’ve had. I also can’t stop taunting my friends via text message. Its great to see bands you really love, as well as check out new ones. Heres the shows I really loved: Mahjongg, Akron/Family, Holy Fuck, The Blow (who i actually talked to!!!!), Jens Lekman, Yo La Tengo, Tim Fite (saw former WRUV DJ Greg Sullivan), Handsome Furs, the Islands, and Moby.

Well, I guess you can only rest for so long and everyone is breathing down my neck about leaving, so I’m off to see Elijah Wood DJ and then to Chromeo and MSTRKRFT. Whoop whoo!!

All my love,

Ranger Rick

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