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Pat & Ray Mess With Texas

March 14, 2008

Hello, Internet!

This is your favorite pair of WRUV dudes here in Austin, TX. We’re writing you from the beautiful Hippy Mansion conveniently located next to a $1.75 breakfast taco stand and a short trip to downtown via bus.

We apologize for the lack of updates, but we’ve been keepin’ ourselves busy here in the US Capital of Live Music, where we all now plan to relocate after UVM. Gorgeous.

The amount & variety of music in town this week is ridonkulous. So far we’ve seen a wide range from the hard pounding, group chanting antics of Yeasayer, Mah Jongg, and Akron/Family, to the hip hop flavored rock of Why?, and even the facemelting br00tality of COLISEUM. And if you get the chance to see The Mae Shi, do it.

We’ve done a lot of mingling with higher-ups in the biz, as well. JJ from Team Clermont loves doling out drink tickets, George from Terrorbird has taken a liking to Lauren, and ex-WRUV Music Director & current Suicide Squeeze supergirl Bekah Zeitz was overjoyed to see the 802 crew again.

Today we plan on exploring the greater Austin area, going to the Art Museum, and generally “Keeping Austin Weird.” In addition, Lou Reed is speaking at a panel today. The evening holds hip-hop club bangers from The Cool Kids, Kid Sister, & Clipse (w/ a side of facemelting from Torche.)

That’s all for now. Hope Vermont isn’t too cold, suckers.

PS: Check out our amazingly hospitable hosts & their band:

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