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Okla. Rep. Sally Kern gets the multimedia treatment

March 14, 2008

Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern went on an anti-homosexual tirade recently—speaking out against the homosexuals as being more dangerous than terrorists and Islam (which she’s quite concerned about, too)—and some covertly recorded audio wound up last Friday on YouTube.

It’s an interesting example of citizen advocacy journalism in the multimedia age.

After the YouTube clip posted, traditional media jumped on the story, with the newspaper Tulsa World chastising her in an editorial that drew, as of this writing, nearly 100 posts, some criticizing her and others thanking Rep. Kern for standing up against the homosexual threat.

Local TV news and other newspapers covered the brouhaha as well, and, this week, Ellen Degeneres gave Rep. Kern a call.

It’s a beautiful thing when old media and new media combine to report on our public officials.

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  1. March 15, 2008 12:32 pm

    One detail that Representative Kern neglected before her attack on some of the citizens that she represents was getting an intarweb tubes domain name.

    I took care of that for her.

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