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WRUV EB in St. Louis

March 11, 2008

Hey all:

I’m Mandy Sutherland, the Station Manager of WRUV, and I’m in St. Louis with half of the executive board (Alaina Janack, Erin Sullivan, Lauren Frey, Kathleen Stutzman, Pat Floyd and Ray McCoy) and we’re making our way from Vermont to Texas! We began our journey last Saturday at 4:30 in the morning with a trip to Thrifty out by the airport where Randy rented us this amazing black van (with keyless entry). I began the drive south toward Erin Sullivan’s house in Rochester for a delicious breakfast.

After our breakfast, however, parents were frantically calling their children and asking them to stop driving due to a massive snow storm (the biggest in history) encompassing the state of Ohio. We decided to take an alternate route that took us through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and finally in Missouri.

Once we got to Maryland, however, the ‘wintry mix’ that Pat Floyd had warned us about started to take its toll on the roads. The blowing snow started to severely impair our visibility, so Kathleen (the driver at the time) steadied herself behind a plow truck and we took the next exit for a hotel.

After hearing the inn was full, we traveled another hour or so singing along to the hits of the nineties and looking for lodging. We saw a Microtel Suites, where all seven of us slept in one room: 3 people on one bed, 2 on another, one on the window seat, and myself on the couch cushions on the floor. It was surprisingly comfy and we had a delicious “continental breakfast” to begin our day.

We retuned to the roads at 8:00 AM traveling through hilly states, flat states and surreal states. We ate KFC in Kentucky, stared in wonder at the people with thick Southern Accents, and learned things about the states that we didn’t necessarily want to know. All Indiana plates, by the way, say “In God We Trust.” Welcome to the Bible Belt!

After 40 hours on the road, we’re taking it easy in St. Louis, we’re going to check out the Loop (where Nelly is from and where Chuck Berry plays monthly) and perhaps go to the zoo.

From America’s Heartland,

Mandy Sutherland


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