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Finding a meeting to cover at UVM

January 17, 2008

Meetings are a reporter’s bread and butter. At meetings, decisions get made and people argue over how to make those decisions. Best of all, most meetings at a public university are, by law, open to the public, which means they are open to you.

Finding a meeting at UVM is harder than it should be–there’s no central online resource listing all meetings happening at any one time–but it’s still not that difficult.

The closest you’ll get to a university-wide system can be found at the University Communications Web site.

You can also browse the list of clubs recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA) and check out the SGA Web site, especially if you’re looking for more information about student government meetings. If none of these sites gives you the help you need, you should go by the SGA office on the third floor of the Davis Center and ask the office coordinator, Jessica Agress, for more information on when and where clubs are meeting.

Occasionally, you can find notices of lectures or club meetings at The UVM Bored Page, though these tend to be more entertainment-related.

If you’re stumped or want to be assigned a meeting by The Cynic, you can contact Cynic News Editor Will Sedlack at and arrange to meet him. You’ll want to e-mail him at least a couple of weeks before your draft is due.

Finally, as you prepare to cover your meeting, check out John Rains’ fine blog on covering meetings.

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